iCIMS Founder Colin Day Joins as Advisor

June 20th, 2024 1:00 PM
By: HRmarketer Editorial

Colin Day, founder of iCIMS, has been appointed as an advisor to, signaling a significant development in the HR tech industry. This partnership aims to enhance candidate experience solutions and drive innovation in talent acquisition processes.

iCIMS Founder Colin Day Joins as Advisor

In a significant move for the HR technology sector,, a leading provider of candidate experience solutions, has announced the appointment of Colin Day, founder of iCIMS, as its new advisor. This strategic addition to's advisory board is set to bring a wealth of experience and industry insight to the company's future endeavors.

Colin Day, widely recognized as a pioneer in HR tech, brings an impressive track record to his new role. As the founder of iCIMS, Day led the company from its inception to become one of the largest talent acquisition software providers globally. His extensive experience in improving hiring processes and his visionary approach to HR technology make him a valuable asset to's team.

The appointment of Day as an advisor underscores's commitment to innovation in the candidate experience space. His expertise is expected to play a crucial role in guiding the company's strategic direction and growth initiatives. Day's insights will be particularly valuable as continues to develop and enhance its platform, which includes unique tools such as interview scheduling automation.

Commenting on his new role, Day emphasized the importance of continuous innovation in the candidate experience domain. He stated, "It's important to continuously push the envelope on the candidate experience as new tools and technologies come to market." Day further praised's approach, noting that the company is "bringing some much needed fresh-think to today's candidate experience, from communications to scheduling to feedback, all while seamlessly integrating into customers' recruiting systems of record."

Kyle Connors, CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about Day's addition to the advisory board. "We are honored to welcome Colin Day to our advisory board," Connors said. "His visionary leadership and deep industry knowledge will be a tremendous asset to as we continue to innovate and grow. Colin's guidance will undoubtedly help us elevate our platform and deliver exceptional value to our clients."

This collaboration between Day and is poised to have a significant impact on the HR industry. As companies increasingly focus on improving the candidate experience to attract and retain top talent, the insights and innovations resulting from this partnership could shape the future of talent acquisition processes.

For HR professionals and business leaders, this development signals a potential shift in how companies approach candidate engagement and recruitment strategies. The combination of Day's extensive experience in building successful HR tech companies and's innovative solutions could lead to new benchmarks in candidate experience management.

As the HR tech landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this one between industry veterans and innovative platforms are likely to drive significant advancements. HR professionals should keep a close eye on the developments that emerge from this collaboration, as they may offer new tools and strategies to enhance their own recruitment processes and candidate engagement initiatives.

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