Advos Announces Advisory Board for 2024 Employee Retention Study

June 6th, 2024 4:20 PM
By: HRmarketer Editorial has formed a new advisory board for its State of Employee Retention 2024 study and event, bringing together industry experts to guide research and best practices in talent retention. This initiative aims to provide HR professionals with valuable insights on addressing current workforce challenges. Announces Advisory Board for 2024 Employee Retention Study, the largest network of human resources executives, has announced the formation of a new advisory board for its State of Employee Retention 2024 study and event. This strategic move brings together a diverse group of industry thought leaders to shape the future of employee retention strategies and research.

The newly appointed advisory board will work in collaboration with's HR Research Institute (HRRI) to influence thought leadership and best practices in the HR industry through primary research. Their expertise will be instrumental in ensuring that the employee retention research and event content aligns with industry best practices across various aspects, including drivers of turnover, retention metrics, tools, technology, and emerging trends.

This initiative comes at a crucial time when organizations are grappling with talent retention challenges in an evolving work landscape. The advisory board's insights will be invaluable in guiding senior HR professionals to understand and navigate the complexities of retaining top talent in today's competitive market.

The board comprises eleven distinguished professionals from diverse backgrounds, including consultants, chief people officers, and heads of talent and culture from renowned organizations. Notable members include Renee Anzovino, former Head of Culture & Employee Experience at F&G Annuities & Life, and Bev Kaye, Founder and CEO of Beverly Kaye & Associates, Inc.

The collective expertise of the advisory board will contribute to the development of research surveys that capture the pulse of the HR community. Their findings will be published in a comprehensive report, offering insights and recommendations to HR professionals. Additionally, a condensed two-page infographic will be made available for quick reference.

The research outcomes will be showcased at the upcoming's State of Employee Retention 2024 Virtual Event, scheduled for October 16, 2024. The advisory board will play a crucial role in recommending presenters, session topics, and ensuring the event delivers maximum value to attending HR professionals.

Debbie McGrath, CEO and Chief Instigator of, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, "By leveraging the expertise of these thought leaders, HR teams can develop innovative strategies to enhance employee retention, reduce turnover and cost, and boost productivity." She further noted that this initiative not only addresses current challenges but also fosters a resilient and engaged workforce, driving long-term success for organizations.

The formation of this advisory board builds upon's commitment to providing cutting-edge research and insights to the HR community. Last year's employee retention research report,'s State of Employee Retention 2023-24, set a precedent for valuable industry insights, and the 2024 study is expected to offer even more comprehensive and actionable data.

As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of talent management in a post-pandemic world, the insights generated by this advisory board and subsequent research will be crucial for HR professionals seeking to develop effective retention strategies. The collaboration between industry experts and's research capabilities promises to deliver valuable guidance for addressing one of the most pressing challenges in today's business environment.

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