HR Research Institute Marks 8 Years of Groundbreaking HR Studies

May 21st, 2024 12:00 PM
By: HRmarketer Editorial's HR Research Institute celebrates its 8th anniversary, highlighting its significant contributions to the HR industry through extensive research studies and actionable insights. The institute's work impacts HR professionals, industry trends, and business leadership.

HR Research Institute Marks 8 Years of Groundbreaking HR Studies's HR Research Institute (HRRI) has reached a significant milestone, celebrating eight years of prolific research and invaluable contributions to the human resources field. Since its inception in 2016, HRRI has established itself as one of the most productive and respected HR research institutes globally, conducting over 225 individual research studies and publishing more than 170 research infographics.

Debbie McGrath, CEO and Chief Instigator of, expressed pride in the institute's achievements, stating, "I believe that few, if any, other organizations have produced as much quality and freely available HR research over the last 8 years. We consider it a great service to over 2 million members." This commitment to providing accessible, high-quality research has positioned HRRI as a crucial resource for HR professionals worldwide.

The institute's impact on the HR industry is substantial, with an average of more than 25 research projects completed annually, and an impressive 33 studies conducted in 2023 alone. Each study results in a comprehensive report of findings and actionable takeaways, covering a wide range of topics from specific issues like diabetes management to broader themes such as AI applications in HR, employee experience, and talent acquisition.

HRRI's research is guided by industry experts and thought leaders who comprise various Advisory Boards, ensuring that the studies remain relevant and forward-thinking. Steve Rose, Director of Human Resources at Nevada County, California, and an Advisory Board member, affirmed that " is recognized as a leader in navigating the future of HR."

One of the institute's strengths lies in its longitudinal research approach, tracking trends over time across numerous HR topics. This methodology provides HR professionals with valuable insights into evolving industry practices and emerging challenges. The institute's latest report,'s Future of the HR Function 2024, is available for download to's free members, offering a glimpse into the future landscape of human resources.

In addition to its research reports, is renowned for its professional education webcasts that provide SHRM and HRCI credits. The platform maintains archives of recorded webcast sessions discussing all of its State of the Industry research findings, further extending the reach and impact of HRRI's work.

The significance of HRRI's contributions to the HR field cannot be overstated. By providing free access to high-quality research and actionable strategies, the institute empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions, adapt to industry changes, and drive organizational success. The breadth and depth of topics covered ensure that HR practitioners at all levels can find relevant insights to apply in their roles.

As the HR landscape continues to evolve, particularly with the integration of AI and the focus on employee experience, HRRI's research serves as a crucial compass for navigating these changes. The institute's work not only informs current practices but also helps shape the future of HR by identifying emerging trends and challenges.

For business leaders and HR professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve, HRRI's extensive library of research reports and infographics offers a valuable resource. These materials, available online, provide actionable strategies that can be implemented to enhance HR practices and contribute to overall organizational effectiveness.

As's HR Research Institute enters its ninth year, its continued commitment to producing high-quality, accessible research promises to further solidify its position as an indispensable resource in the HR industry. The institute's work will undoubtedly continue to influence HR practices, drive innovation, and shape the future of human resources management for years to come.

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