RChilli CEO Vinay Johar to Address Automation in Hiring at Ascend 2024

May 28th, 2024 6:00 PM
By: HRmarketer Editorial

Vinay Johar, CEO of RChilli, will speak at Ascend 2024 on automating hiring processes to improve efficiency and future-proof recruitment workflows. The session will explore the evolution of recruitment and strategies for managing high-volume hiring in today's fast-paced job market.

RChilli CEO Vinay Johar to Address Automation in Hiring at Ascend 2024

RChilli CEO Vinay Johar is slated to deliver a keynote address at Ascend 2024, a leading conference in the HR and recruitment industry. Johar's session, titled "Navigating the Automated Future to Transform Hiring Workflow Efficiency," is scheduled for June 20, 2024, from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM.

Johar, recognized as "one of the leading minds of the HR Tech industry," will delve into the transformation of recruitment processes from manual to automated workflows. This shift has become increasingly critical as companies face the challenge of rapidly filling numerous positions in today's competitive job market.

The session will cover several key areas that are reshaping the recruitment landscape. Johar will discuss the evolution of recruitment practices, highlighting the transition from time-consuming manual processes to cutting-edge automation technologies. He will also address strategies for managing job surges, a common challenge for many organizations dealing with high-volume hiring needs.

A significant focus of the talk will be on enhancing recruiter efficiency and improving candidate management through automation. Johar is expected to share practical solutions that can help HR professionals streamline their workflows and handle increased workloads more effectively.

One of the most forward-looking aspects of Johar's presentation will be his insights on future-proofing hiring workflows. He will explore how automation can ensure that candidates not only secure positions but also become searchable assets for future opportunities, adding long-term value to an organization's talent pool.

Johar emphasizes the urgency of adopting automation in recruitment, drawing a parallel to the evolution of consumer services: "From a bygone era of weeks-long delivery to Amazon's doorstep, discover how recruiters are now racing against time to fill 50-60 positions or more, driving the need for game-changing automation." This comparison underscores the rapid pace of change in the recruitment industry and the necessity for HR professionals to adapt quickly.

The surge in job positions across various industries has led to increased stress on traditional manual processes. Johar's session aims to address this challenge by showcasing how automation can "turbocharge the workflow," ensuring that candidates are not only placed in jobs but also become valuable, easily accessible resources for future hiring needs.

Attendees of Ascend 2024 can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of automation on candidate management. The session promises to offer actionable strategies that HR professionals can implement to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in today's fast-paced recruitment landscape.

RChilli, Johar's company, is at the forefront of this automation trend in the HR industry. The company offers a resume parsing solution for ERP recruiting that simplifies the recruitment process across more than 50 countries. Powered by deep learning, RChilli's multilingual parsing solution can handle resumes in over 27 languages and processes more than 4.1 billion documents annually.

For HR professionals and business leaders, Johar's session at Ascend 2024 represents an opportunity to gain insights into the future of recruitment and learn how to leverage automation to stay competitive in the talent acquisition space. As the job market continues to evolve rapidly, understanding and implementing these automated solutions could be crucial for organizations looking to maintain an edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

Those interested in learning more about RChilli's solutions can visit their website to book a meeting with the team at Ascend 2024.

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